Every Noise at once. (a genre map)

randoma11y (contrasting color combinations)

apple d u s t (pixel artist's perosnal site)

lvllvl (Textmode art maker)

MikuWarp (miku music toy like site, flashy lights)

ANDYPANTS (y2k-esque 3d character maker)

DistroChooser (quiz for new GNU/Linux users, to find a new distro)

A Better World (alternate history simulator)

Duck Hunt in JavaScript (duck hunt programmed entirely in cobol, the javascript thing was just a joke hahahaha)

Random Street View (gives you a random street in street view to explore)

Pixels Fighting (Neat screensaver-esque thingy)

Townscaper (town building type game)

Awesome Privacy (list of cool privacy resources)

Neonaut PyroPlayers A.N. Lucas