Donate to Palestinians with a single click. (it donates money to the UNRWA using advertisements

An archive of Every Noise at once. (a genre map)

randoma11y (contrasting color combinations)

apple d u s t (a pixel artist's personal site)

lvllvl (Textmode art maker)

MikuWarp (miku music toy like site, warning:flashy lights)

ANDYPANTS (y2k-esque 3d character maker)

DistroChooser (quiz for new GNU/Linux users, to find a distro)

A Better World (alternate history simulator)

Duck Hunt in JavaScript

Random Street View (gives you a random street in street view to explore)

Learn Anything (helps you find resources to learn shit)

delightful humane design (curated list of humane design stuff)

Pixels Fighting (Neat screensaver-esque thingy)

Townscaper (town building type game)

Awesome Privacy (list of cool privacy resources)

Cinni's Oekaki Board (Cool Oekaki board run by Cinni of Cinni's Dream Home) (a site that compiles images of desktops)

Awesome Lite Websites (Collection of lightweight website)

Awesome Open Source games (Collection of funky free and open source games)

Drawboard cafe (really nice collaborative drawing thing)

Learn Anything (Whole bunch of tutorials)

Ipod JS (Ipod simulator with spotify inbuilt)

RetroFab (Really cool lcd game recreations!)

Cobalt (A video downloader)

Velvetyne (Open Source Type foundry)

Playtronica (music toy simillar to mikuwarp)

Inspirationbot (gives you stuff to inspire you for like art n stuff)

106.JS (JS emulation of the classic Juno 106 synthesizer)

Roland 50 studio (Recreations of various roland junk)

Monkeytype (Typing test)

Wiby (Seatch engine for the old web)

Dos Zone (Buncha dos games)

Hardware tycoon (cool little tycoon game thing)

Link directories

If there's any questionable context that i missed in any link directory, PLEASE tell me :3


The Yesterweb Link Directory

i.webthings directory

Vastrecs's Links page


Evergreen's Link page

Hyperlinked Text (directory of text only websites)

A Website is a room

A cooler, more complete and actively-being-updated "old web" revival services forum for cool people by Griffen


On Anarchism

Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You! - David Graeber

Life Without Law: An introduction to anarchist politics


Neonaut PyroPlayers A.N. Lucas