Byte sized reviews 1: Antonbomb and NEKOTOSAKANA

Byte sized reviews 1: Antonbomb and NEKOTOSAKANA


NEKOTOSAKANA is a really cute game! I really loved the aesthetic, even though it needed a tad bit of work. (looked kind of pico-8y) The gameplay was quite fun really, it's a bullet hell of sorts and whenever you kill an enemy you get some food which doesn't really do anything to my knowledge, it's really satisfying to hit an enemy although aiming is slightly tough, the music is AMAZING too! 8.8/10 Check it out for a light little bullet hell experience! (the game was by a japanese person using deepL so expect slight mistransalations).


ANTONBLAST is P H E N O M E N A L. The amount of fun I had playing it was IMMENSE. The fast-paced gameplay was top-notch, it controls like a dream, the music was excellent and the art hit hard. I REALLY love this game and I'm not even promoted to say this man... The only flaws were that the game was a bit confusing at times. 10 out of 10 dude, holy crap is it good. Check it out on itch io or even back it on Kickstarter.